Workvisit to Vera Bergkamp in the Dutch Parliament

Workvisit to Vera Bergkamp in the Dutch Parliament

Wednesday May the 18th, two spokesmen of Justice for Johan had the honor to visit the Dutch House of Representatives. The reason for this visit was a meeting with Vera Bergkamp, member of the D66 party.

For the visiting party this obviously was a very special afternoon, because the average Dutchman won’t see the interior of the House of Representatives very often. After the employees of Justice for Johan successfully were scanned by the security services, they were escorted to the office of Ms. Bergkamp.

They where received by a staff member of the staff of the D66 party, the visitors have to wait for the characteristic hall of the parliament building. As frequently written in the press it indeed is a characteristic building that exudes a rich history. Hopefully many elements of the building will be preserved after the upcoming renovation. Did you know that every faction in parliament has its own hallway / wing?

The conversation did not only took place with Vera Bergkamp but also with the policy member of staff. The setting of the interview was very casual and that’s why Ms. Bergkamp proposed to talk on a each first-name basis. It’s always a nice way to start a conversation like this! Mr. Spong and fellow attorneys visited Mrs. Bergkamp several times prior to this interview to explain the legal side of this bizarre story. Now it was up to the members of Justice for Johan turn to explain the (in)human side of the story. On the other hand the aim was to meet the only woman in politics that keeps fighting for Johan and Tukta.

It was a fruitful meeting in which both parties could ask questions to each other to clear the air around untruths that have been spread by the prosecution for many years. Vera Bergkamp also gave some tips that Justice for Johan can use to create more political strength in this subject. Although the next appointment already was waiting for Ms. Bergkamp she took her time for this appointment. What is very special for an assemblywoman with a very busy schedule.

With a good feeling the spokesmen of Justice for Johan went outside knowing that Vera Bergkamp is a political pitbull and she won’t let go.

Now we need to get to the 40.000 autographs as soon as possible.

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