The deal between van Delft and the Thai Public Prosecutor

The deal between van Delft and the Thai Public Prosecutor

The attached report you see a copy of a letter from former prosecutor Lucas van Delft to the Thai public prosecutor. It is ironic that the Dutch with permission from Foreign Affairs made a deal with a military regime make that violates human rights on a large scale.

In the letter the officer wants to show that the Thai have started their own research, however, the summary of the sentence shows that the Netherlands certainly has requested for the prosecution of Johan. Again the former officer suggests that the prosecution for the criminal organization is appropriate. He “forgets” to mention the current state of affairs surrounding another coffeeshop case. We quote from a recent verdict yet again: “Working in coffee does not count as participation in a criminal organization.”

Saillaint detail is that Lucas van Delft now is not an officer anymore. This is because he has filled an anonymous liquidation report concerning his own person. According to him, Johan arranged from behind bars that he would have hired members of a motorcycle club to liquidate him. Total nonsense of course, this shows once again how far the public prosecutor is willing to go to destroy Johan.

Despite that his colleagues found it proven that van Delft fabricated his own liquidation they chose not prosecute him. He got demoted within the prosecution and remains to keep salary. If we as citizens break the law all hell breaks loose, we are dragged before a criminal court and lose our job too. The Prosecution again shows what a cover up culture means within the prosecution by not prosecuting van Delft.

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