“Request to initiate an investigation in Thailand”

“Request to initiate an investigation in Thailand”

Today we will begin to publish evidence that the Dutch Public Prosecutor has indeed requested to initiate an investigation against Johan and Tukta. We start with a document that has as subject: request to initiate an investigation in Thailand. Due to privacy reasons some parts are anonymized.  

The Public Prosecutor sends a very incriminating letter on July 14, 2014 to the Thai attorney-general. They do this after two previous MLA requests have yielded no response, at least not of a satisfactory level. The final MLA request was made available on July 1, 2014 to the Thai Public Prosecutor. Even before the Thai could respond to the first letter they decided to send the new letter on the 14th of July! Furthermore, there are some dubious things mentioned in this letter include aggravation of the charges, the timing of the letter and the way this letter is presented to the authorities, not through diplomatic channels, but directly to the Thai Public Prosecutor.

The Public Prosecutor in the Netherlands accuses Johan and others at this time of money laundering, tax fraud and forming a criminal organization. As the letter shows this is not mentioned in the request. The letter implies that the brothers Van Laarhoven are engaged in the growing, preparing, processing, converting, selling, delivering, supplying and transporting of soft drugs to The Grass Company. It is not stated that the coffeeshops of The Grass Company in the Netherlands are licensed to sell cannabis and paid a load of taxes over the money earned. All of this evidence was send directly to the Thai public prosecutor. The Thai must have thought they where dealing with big time criminals, or as Johan says a lot: The Pablo Escobar of cannabis from Tilburg.

Also, the impression is being raised as if in the wholesaler T.G.C. Trading had vast stocks of cannabis hidden, this is simply a lie and categorically untrue. They also make it appear as if Frans van Laarhoven is one of the co-owners of the coffeeshop. Frans is a real estate entrepreneur and had an administration office. Some coffeeshops of The Grass Company rent property for their smoking cafés. Again the Public Prosecutor “forgets” to state this in his letter.

As indicated above, the timing of the letter is very salient. On May 22, 2014 the Thai government led by Thaksin Shinawatra was overthrown by the army. A curfew was imposed and since then Thailand is under martial law. This was the perfect opportunity for prosecutor Lucas van Delft to instruct the liaison officer (apparently the Ministry of Foreign Affairs where informed and accept this practice) to send a very incriminating letter to the new regime. As he had expected the word “drugs” in combination with a sitting Junta in a country with one of the toughest anti-drug laws in the world had it’s intended result.

Judge for yourself, Did the Netherlands did or did not request for the prosecution of Johan and Tukta in Thailand?

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